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Jasmin Theobald

Tel: 1 204 651 1268
Fax: 204-642-8457
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Born & raised in Germany. In 2009 she immigrated with her family to Canada. She loves wildlife, nature, hiking, and photography. Has fun being part of a theatre group in Gimli, does lots of volunteer work, has always been very passionate about interior design and real estate, has a hard time sitting still but really enjoys having a cup of tea or coffee with her neighbors and friends. Her dream is to go, someday, "Around the World in 80 days".

Jasmin was extremely helpful and knowledgable of the area. I contacted her several times after I purchased and she was always very helpful and friendly! Fran, Arnes, MB

Very happy with the service.  Stavros Ioannou

Real Estate Listings for Jasmin Theobald

11 Erikson Rd

11 Erikson Rd

Beaver Creek, Manitoba
Listing Price: $329,000

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