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Ellen Wyka

Tel: 1 204 376 3400
Fax: 1 204 376 5483
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Ellen has been a resident of the Interlake for over 50 years. We are proud to say Ellen has been working with us as a licenced Realtor since 1987. Prior to finding her passion in real estate, Ellen was employed performing various secretarial duties, which serves her well in her current role. She also enjoys gardening, swimming, curling and photography.

Ellen works very hard and is enthusiastic. She has a lot of energy and strives for the best possible outcome. -D., Arborg.

Ellen was great! This is not my first time using her and if I moved back to the area I'd use her again! Ellen is
very honest and up front which is what I want to hear from my realtor. She didn't make guarantees she
couldn't keep and in the end got us a fair offer on our house. Ellen and Crystal Line worked well as a team
and went above and beyond. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a house in the Arborg area in the
future. -C. B., Arborg.

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Riverton, Manitoba
Listing Price: $179,000

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